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The Best Wines to Pair with Greek Food

Learning about the best wine for pairing can be exciting if you’re a fan of Greek food and seeking the perfect wine for your meal! You can pair various wines around the world with Greek food. If you aren’t visiting

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History of the Vlach Community in Greece

The term “Vlach” has become derogatory to describe shepherds or generally “country people” in Greece. However, the people from whom the name originated, the Vlachs, are a proud ethnic group of Greeks who have a long and distinct history and

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The Concept of Philoxenia in Greek Hospitality

The Vlachs created ‘philoxenia,’ offering generosity and shelter despite social class or background – the direct translation means turning strangers into friends. Vlach communities provide refuge, food, and drink to weary travelers passing through villages. Today, the true pillars of

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