The Best Wines to Pair with Greek Food

Learning about the best wine for pairing can be exciting if you’re a fan of Greek food and seeking the perfect wine for your meal! You can pair various wines around the world with Greek food. If you aren’t visiting Greece but still love Greek food, choose these wines to pair with your favorite dish

Wines to Pair with Tzatziki

If you’ve ever had Greek food, you’ve likely tried tzatziki, a famous and flavorful sauce used in sandwiches or served as a dip with falafel. It is made from cucumber, yogurt, and garlic, presenting a tangy flavor. The sauce’s acidity is best paired with white wine like Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc.  

Wines to Pair with Fava

When eating fava, various dry white wines would be suitable for pairing. Fava boasts a nutty, sweet flavor that goes well with wines that offer a crisp acidity. The wine must be subtle enough in flavor not to overpower the fava. The best white wine options to pair with fava are a Gruner Veltliner or Sauvignon Blanc. A dry rosé, like one from Grenache, could add a nice acidity and fruity profile. Some light-bodied reds also work well with Fava if you prefer red wine. Pinot Noir is one option that will not overpower the flavor of the fava.

Wines to Pair with Spanakopita 

The delicious golden pie layered with phyllo dough, spinach, and feta cheese is a popular Greek dish. When pairing it with wine, red zinfandel may be ideal for you if you prefer light reds. Otherwise, many white wines work well with the pie. When choosing a white wine with spanakopita, Pino Grigio or Vermentino are perfect options to taste alongside the tangy flavor of feta cheese. 

Wines to Pair with Souvlaki 

One of the most famous Greek dishes is souvlaki. Like most Greek dishes, an excellent white wine would pair well with this meaty meal. Consider wines with a decent acidity and nice crispness. The ideal wine would be assyrtiko, a Greek wine. A few options can pair well if you prefer red wine with your souvlaki. Shiraz is a great wine to drink if your souvlaki is made with lamb. Shiraz boasts tannins and acidity that go well with the gamey flavor of lamb.

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