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This is Greece.

Bar Vlaha tells the story of the Vlach people, the founders of hospitality and Greek cooking. A nomadic group of shepherds who created and nurtured the roots of Hellenic cooking as we know it. Straying from the tried-and-true island cuisine, we’re rediscovering Greek fare sourced from rural mountains, lakes and villages of Central and Northern Greece.

Bar Vlaha captures the true soul of Greek cooking with rustic and nomadic traditions using charcoal and open fire gastra techniques. Locally sourced, regional and seasonal ingredients are combined with the warmth of old-world hospitality to bring the roots of Greek culture to Brookline.


Sourced from the earth. Served with Greek soul.

The Vlachs created ‘philoxenia,’ offering generosity and shelter despite social class or background, turning strangers into friends. It is with this element that Greeks live today – opening their homes and creating a bond of compassion and comradery.

Vlachs would provide refuge, food and drink to weary travelers passing through villages. Today, the true pillars of Greek hospitality start with a meal, kindness, and conversation.


Walk-in as a stranger, leave as a friend.

Experience true Vlach hospitality in our Greek home filled with aromas of hearty dishes. Taken from a culture of weaving and embroidery, the interior focuses on natural materials and textures to create both vibrance and warmth—pillows, colorful artwork, and touches of embroidery reflecting the Vlach lifestyle.

A stone oven and open charcoal grill honor cooking and baking as communal foundations of everyday living. Greek artists portraying traditional Vlach life are represented, with details like crocheted fabric napkins from Greek “yiayias” serving as cocktail napkins, as a symbolic nod to the past. Welcome to our home.




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1653 Beacon St. Brookline, MA 02445
Open daily 5-12 pm

In Vlach culture, messages were sent village to village by shepherds and their sheep.
At Bar Vlaha the best way to send us a message is via email at hello@barvlaha.com.

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