Greek Spirits You Should Try This Summer

Every summer experience in Greece is primarily outstanding, with various traditional spirits serving residents and visitors. If you want to try some Green spirits this summer, below are a few popular ones to consider.


Greek beer has its roots deeply embedded in ancient Greece. This spirit carries a rich history that has evolved into an actual work of art. Brewed with passion and expertise, Greek beers offer a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds, leaving you longing for more. Although there are up to 70 beer brands in Greece, the most popular ones are Mythos and Fix. These beers are now being produced on the multinational level by Carlsberg and Heineken. The famous beer types in Greece are; Weiss, Pils, Stout, and Ale. One sip of these divine nectars will reveal a harmonious balance between the finest ingredients. These ingredients include carefully selected hops, malt, water, and yeast – culminating in a crisp and refreshing taste.


Kitron is a delightful Greek spirit that transports your taste buds to a Mediterranean paradise! The real Kitron is usually from the Greek Island of Naxos, much like Scotch whisky, which has its distinctive, appealing flavor. The beauty of Kitron lies in its versatility. Whether you prefer it neat, on the rocks, or blended into refreshing cocktails, this exquisite spirit adapts to your preferences. Mix Kitron with sparkling water and a splash of lime or mint leaves for a simple and fuss-free summer delight. Voila! You’ve got a rejuvenating, thirst-quenching spritzer that will keep you cool under the sun. Another exciting aspect of Kitron is that you can prepare it at different temperatures, to produce different flavors and colors. If you want to make a green Kitron, you can prepare it at a lower temperature, which gives a sweet satisfactory taste.


Mastiha is made from the resinous sap of the Mastiha tree, also known as the Chios tree, found exclusively on the Greek island of Chios. With a history spanning thousands of years, Mastiha is revered for its healing properties and delightful flavor. The locals often call it the “teardrops of Chios,” as the resin appears like crystal droplets harvested carefully. When you pour a glass of Mastiha, you’ll immediately notice its captivating aroma. This aroma combines earthy and herbal notes with a hint of citrus that dances playfully on the nose. Its translucent golden hue glimmers like the rays of the Mediterranean sun.

What Should You Do This Summer?

Let Bar Vlaha be your refreshing escape when the summer sun beckons and the sweltering heat calls for something extraordinary. Fill your summer with vital spirits and delicious Greek cuisine, which will birth memories long after the season has passed.

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