Popular Greek Spirits To Try

Many different types of spirits come from Greece. Learning about each can be a great way to determine what you’ll like best and how to pair them with various foods. These liquors can be sipped alone or mixed into multiple Greek cocktails that you can find in Brookline, MA. The four main types of Greek alcohol are Ouzo, Tsipouro, Metaxa, and Mastika. 

little cups of Greek ouzo liquor with a dish of olives in the background

Classic Greek Liquor Ouzo in Brookline, MA 

Ouzo is Greece’s national drink and one of the more well-known spirits. Ouzo is a licorice-flavored spirit made from water, alcohol, and anise seeds. It comes with a cloudiness, making it a very noticeable liquor. More flavors usually added include coriander, fennel, or mastic, resulting in a robust and sweet spirit. Ouzo is commonly consumed before or after a meal and is popular with appetizers. 

small chilled cup of mastika greek alcohol

Mastika Spirits & Cocktails in Brookline, MA 

Mastika is an ancient spirit dating back almost 2,000 years. It is derived from a resin from the mastika tree, native to the Greek island of Chios. The resin gathered from these trees is similar to syrup; this process consists of incisions made in the bark, allowing it to drip out before hardening. It is then washed and soaked in alcohol, creating a sweetness similar to pine and aniseed. The beverage is served chilled and is an excellent option for cocktails. 

Greek tsipouro being poured into small glass

Tsipouro Liquor & Cocktails in Brookline, MA 

Another famous Greek spirit is tsipouro, which is made from the grape remnants of the winemaking process and is called pomace. Tsipouro is also an ancient liquor, older than ouzo, dating back to the 14th century. This Greek spirit is tasteful and is served cold, diluted with water. Similar to ouzo, it is best enjoyed with meze before a meal. 

little glasses of metaxa with fruit and a bottle in the back

Metaxa Cocktails and Spirits in Brookline, MA 

Metaxa is a trendy line of Greek brandy with various amber spirits and Muscat wine blends. Metaxa uses sweet muscat wines sourced from the Samos island in the Aegean Sea and sun-dried grapes from Greece. Mediterranean botanicals, including May Rose, are added to the finishing process. The finished product is aged for at least two years and sometimes up to ten years. 

Try These Greek Spirits at Bar Vlaha in Brookline, MA

If you want to try one of the spirits above, consider visiting Bar Vlaha in Washington Square in Brookline, MA. We have many options, including a meze platter with cocktails or a straight-up spirit. Make reservations today! 

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