Popular Cocktails in Brookline, MA

Brookline, MA, is a community for everyone. Whether fresh out of college, married with children, or living the retirement lifestyle, Brookline, MA, has something for you – including cocktails. With mocktails, vodka, tequila, and more, Bar Vlaha in Brookline, MA, has plenty of different options to fit your pallet. Bar Vlaha–located in Washington Square of Brookline, MA–is considered a gathering place for the neighborhood. We emphasize traditional Greek living inspired by Greek diners and villages. Visit us today and try one of the following cocktails in Brookline! 

Cocktails with Vodka

If you prefer cocktails made with vodka, we have a couple of options at Bar Vlaha in Brookline. Our “Pump the Briki” cocktail is made with vodka, a Greek coffee flavored with petimezi, a syrup made with Agiorgitiko grapes, and St. John Commandaria, a sweet dessert wine. It’s then topped with walnuts and a frappé foam. Another delicious option to try is our “Back to My Roots” cocktail. This is made with a Ketel One vodka, House Golden ginger beer, and a Red Beet Ouzo, a classic Greek spirit. 

Cocktails with Tequila or Mezcal 

Some people prefer vodka, and others prefer a mezcal or tequila cocktail. We understand that! Try a few of our favorite cocktails made with tequila or mezcal. Our “Zeus Juice” cocktail is made with Solera rum and mezcal and is spiced with apple shrub, acidified pineapple, and lime bitters. Another option for those cozy evenings is a “Pappou’s Stew,” made with Ilegal Reposado mezcal, pumpkin, cinnamon, lemon, and mirepoix. Lastly, try our “Yucatan Yiayia 2: Thessaloniki Drift” cocktail, made with Lunazul Tequila and spiced with pear sorbet, passion fruit, and lime. 

Cocktails with Greek Spirits

When you visit Bar Vlaha, it would only be fitting to indulge in a cocktails made with Greek spirits. Some famous Greek spirits include Ouzo and Tsipouro. Try the “Athenian Spritz,” which has a delicious pomegranate mastiha as the base, topped with Otto’s Athens Vermouth and grapefruit soda. 

Our “Brandy Alexandros” cocktail is made with caramelized banana Tsipouro, Metaxa, pecans, white chocolate, and Mezcal Whisper. Lastly, if you visit us for a date night, try our “Rakomelo For 2,” made with Tsipouro, figs, Greek forest honey, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon. This drink is served hot and comes with enough for two. 

Delicious Almost” Cocktails

We understand that not everyone likes to drink a lot of alcohol, so we’ve compiled a menu of some delicious “almost cocktails” to give you the experience of Greek cocktails in Brookline. Our “Ambrosia” mocktail is made with Aperitiva, lemon, and cucumber Mastiqua soda. Our “Olympic Cleanse” mocktail is made with Golden Beet Ginger Beer and lemon. Lastly, our “Vlachtoberfest” is made with apple cider, winter spices, oat orgeat, maple, and lemon. 

Visit Bar Vlaha in Washington, Sq. Brookline, MA 

Don’t miss out on these delicious cocktails in Brookline, MA. Make reservations today at Bar Vlaha in Washington Square and indulge in Greek cuisine, cocktails, wine, and spirits. 

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