Fun Brunch Places To Try In Brookline, MA

Who doesn’t love brunch? Those sweet pancakes and waffles with bacon on the sides. When picking the best place to brunch in Brookline, there is a wide range of options to choose from, from restaurants with a fun and creative twist to those with quick-to-go options all day. So, if you are ever in Brookline, Massachusetts, here are some fun places to try for brunch.

Bar Vlaha 

Bar Vlaha is a gathering place for the Brookline community, with a more traditional and authentic approach to Greek dining. We focus on the traditional Greek village girl, with foods reflecting homemade cooking. Fresh pies, spreads, baked bread, and meats cooked with traditional Greek nomadic methods – such as a braising technique called ‘gastra’. All our ingredients are sourced locally, just as they do in Greece. Visit us for brunch and enjoy our casual-chic dining room, a full bar of Greek spirits, wines, and cocktails in Brookline, MA. 

Tatte Bakery

Tatte’s Bakery is a great to-go cafe in Brookline, MA, and throughout Greater Boston for friends and family to gather for sweet and mouth-watering pastries. If you’re looking to sit down, relax, and have some brunch, Tatte’s might be the answer. Bring your laptop and do homework, or enjoy time with friends at the community table. Their menu is brimming with delicious breakfast sandwiches, French toast, Tartines, and Shakshuka.

Brothers and Sisters Co Coffeehouse

Visit Brothers and Sisters Co Coffeehouse in Brookline, MA, for a quick yet delicious breakfast option. With their special garden Avocado toast, Daniels Panini Sandwich, Green Egg and Cheese Sandwich, and signature The Station filled with maple ham, sliced turkey, tomato, spinach, and cheddar cheese, there’s something to eat and drink for everyone. There are plenty of options throughout Brookline.

Make Reservations at Bar Vlaha

Choosing the right spot can be difficult, but it’s good to go for a place with good food, ambiance, and health ratings. If you’re looking for any spot to hit up for brunch in the Brookline, Massachusetts, area, visit Bar Vlaha. The ambiance is excellent, customer service is fantastic, and the food will sweep you off your feet! 

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