Mediterranean Food in Brookline, MA

Are you visiting Brookline, MA, this summer? Do you live in the area and want a new place to eat out? At Bar Vlaha in Washington Square, we tell the story of the Vlach people — the founders of hospitality and authentic Greek cooking. We hope to capture the true soul of Greek cuisine with nomadic traditions like open-fire gastra techniques. With locally sourced ingredients combined with old-world hospitality, we promise you’ll have a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Please keep reading to learn more about our delicacies. 

Who are the Vlachs? 

Unfortunately, the term “Vlach” has grown to be a derogatory term for shepherds or “country people” in Greece. The people from whom the name originated—the Vlachs—are a proud group who move from the highlands to the lowlands from summer to winter. Some believe they are descended from the ancient Davains, while others believe they are rooted in the Traco-Romans. Most of the Vlachs and some scholars from Greece believe the ethnic group originated from ethnic Greeks who adopted their language from the Romans.

Mediterranean Brunch Options in Brookline, MA 

If you’re craving brunch in Boston, you will not be disappointed with brunch at Bar Vlaha in Washington Square in Brookline. Plus, we serve some unique brunch cocktails that can’t be beaten; check out our full brunch menu and make reservations to visit us today. Some of our favorite brunch options include: 

  • Strapatsada: scrambled eggs, wild mushrooms, tomato, feta, and black truffle, served with grilled sourdough 
  • Breakfast Hilopites: house-made pasta, poached egg, Metsovone, loukaniko, brown sugar, and olive oil. 
  • Shakshouka: eggs baked in spicy tomato sauce, wild greens, pepper, onion, feta, and olives, served with grilled sourdough
  • Make Your Gyros: chicken kontsouvli or lamb souvla, homemade pita bread, onion, tomato, tzatziki, and patates
  • Greek Breakfast: Greek coffee, OJ, seasonal spoon sweet, yogurt, candied walnuts, grilled sourdough, sheep’s milk butter, and honey

Delicious Dinner Options in Brookline, MA 

In addition to brunch, we also offer a delicious and authentic dinner at Bar Vlaha served with locally sourced ingredients. We have many options, including shareable bread and cheeses, salads, pitas, spreads, and more. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Horiatiki salad: tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, olives, oregano, feta cheese, and olive oil
  • Manitaria: fried oyster mushrooms and maidanosalata, a spread with parsley, garlic, bread, lemon, and olive oil
  • Loukaniko: pan-fried house-made pork and fennel sausage served with mustard yogurt
  • Xeli: smoked eel, peppers, tomato, roasted garlic, and grilled sourdough bread 
  • Melitzana Yiahni: eggplant, potato, feta, garlic, onion, and tomato sauce 

Make Reservations at Bar Vlaha

Visit us in Washington Square to score on some of these delicious Vlach-inspired dishes at Bar Vlaha. Make reservations online, and check out our menus for a sneak peek of what you’re missing out on! 

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