Refreshing Cocktails for Hot Summer Days

Hey there, cocktails fans. Another summer season is at hand, and it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy the long summer days on a beach with a nice cocktail in your hands. Whether for a BBQ, picnic, day on the beach, or party, you can choose whatever cocktails you want. Here are some fun cocktails you can use to cool down.


Negronis are in this summer—with good reason. Early recipes, first documented in Italy and France, vary in essential recipes but should always contain gin and vermouth. The most common recipe for this delicious cocktail is typically made with gin, vermouth rosso, and Campari. Bar Vlaha has a delicious Negroni made with Straydog Gin, Luxardo Bianco Bitter, and pineapple Assyrtiko Vermouth. Come to Bar Vlaha to try our delectable cocktails. 

Greek Mojito

This summer, a trip to the beach to enjoy the minty touch of a Mojito should be a certainty. To spice it up, add a Greek touch to your Mojito, add fresh lime juice, lemon juice, ice, mint leaves, and brown sugar, and shake it up. Add a touch of club soda, and viola; you have your Greek Mojito. Making this cocktail is a part of enjoying it, and when you are done, turn up some music, grab a stick of some Kebab, and watch some beach Volleyball. For many Greek cocktails, visit Bar Vlaha in Washington Square of Brookline. 

Strawberry Daiquiri

Summer can get hot, so any frozen treat is the perfect cocktail to sample. Strawberry Daiquiri fits this description with its icy, vibrant-colored look and dash of sweetness from strawberries. That’s not all; this frozen daiquiri also adds a zesty lime that will have you squirming all summer. It only requires four ingredients and will elevate your summer to new heights when paired with cheese and grilled fish. Make reservations at Bar Vlaha in Washington Square of Brookline for unique cocktails to cool you down this summer.

Espresso Martini

It is shaken, not stirred, or more like Frozen, not warm in this case. Nothing is better than relaxing and sipping an ice-cold espresso martini under the daring summer sun. This combination of instant espresso whipped cream, vodka, and concentrated cold brew is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Not only does it leave you energetic and relaxed, but it also gives you the same lull that alcohol does. It is simple and unique, perfect for any summer date. Book your next cocktail date at Bar Vlaha in Washington Square of Brookline.

Making cocktails might be part of the experience, but if you want cocktails made by professionals and tailored to you, you should visit Bar Vlaha in Brookline’s Washington Square.

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